Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ethan and Tucker

The past couple days I have been trying to get pictures of my fast moving boys. They are always on the move playing around the house and that makes it hard to get them to stop for a second. Here are a few... and I mean very few pictures of them while around the house. You might recognize the p.j.'s Ethan is wearing. They are the ones he got from Mimi for his b-day. I am washing them constantly b/c he loves them so much. If you haven't already noticed, he loves Dinosaurs.

Ethan acting goofy

Bath Time
Laughing in the tub...Clapping his hands and having fun!
After his hair gets wet it curls up and it is the cutest thing.
Isn't it cute?

As of today:
Ethan is 39 3/4 inches tall.
He weighs 35 pounds

Tucker is 28 1/2 inches tall.
He weighs 18 pounds

Ethan's Birthday Weekend

This year Ethan's Birthday fell on a Thursday so we celebrated all weekend long. Here are some of the pictures taken from his weekend. 
 First my mom surprised Ethan on Thursday at lunch. She brought him his presents, a balloon, and a worm cupcake.
It was a short visit but we appreciated it so much!
The cupcake

Yummm.... Thanks Mimi.

Next we celebrated on Friday night. Gus' Aunt Donna and Cousin Hilary was in town. He went on a hunt for his present and found it immediately. Hilary said she should have hid it better but I just think he is really good at hide and seek. We play it all the time. :-)
Here he is just waiting to here "GO" and then he will be off in search of the gift. Hint--it was an outside toy...
Found it... It was a large outside ball, sidewalk chalk, and sidewalk paint.
After they played in Grandmother and Granddaddy's yard for a bit he had worked up an appetite for dinner. Then they gave him a cake!!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Ethan....Happy Birthday You!
Here is his face during the song...
Blow out the candles....

He is such a cutie pie. I just love him to death. We are so thankful for the 4 years that the Lord has blessed us with him and look forward to the upcoming adventures with him.

Tucker's Dedication

Tucker Samuel Evans
Presented to the Lord in Dedication
by Gus and Krysten Evans
First Baptist Church Jacksonville
on Sunday 21, 2010

Meaning of Name:
Tucker: Old English "master weaver"
Samuel: Hebrew "God Has Heard"
Verse: Psalm 66:19 " But certainly God has heard; He has given heed to the voice of my prayer."

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Birthday Weekend

Friday and Saturday
This past weekend has been an absolute blast. As those of you know who saw Friday's post knew we had lots planned for this past weekend. The weather was perfect on Friday and Saturday which made it even that much better. My middle sister Brittany watched my boys for the day (on Friday) so I could enjoy a day out with the hubby. Thank you Sis, It was wonderful and we appreciate you so much!

Here was my weekend:

My weekend started out on Friday at lunch. My husband took me to the French Pantry for lunch. This place is only open Monday-Friday from 11-2 and always has a line out the door, so you can see how hard it is to get into. My husband who has only been there once before didn't know what he was going to get so as he reviewed the blackboard menu he decided on the Thai Chicken Salad. I however was going to get what I always get, the Tomato Bruchetta Salad with Goat Cheese. As we got up to the front of the line I noticed my favorite dessert sitting in the window calling my name, so I gave in and we got a piece of Farmers Cheesecake also known as Blueberry Cheese Tart. Which was amazing and after almost finishing it before my salad got to the table my husband and I agreed we could have ordered two pieces. Maybe next time, but one was all I needed that day! Once seated, a plate of piping hot bread, butter, and dipping oil was delivered to our table. Good gravy--it was delicious. Our entree's were terrific and exceeded my husbands expectations! See-- I knew it was going to be awesome and there is no more convincing him.

Then we headed to the Town Center to do a little shopping. It was a beautiful afternoon and I enjoyed just strolling along and going into stores I don't normally get to go into or stay long in because of the 2 boys I always have with me. For some reason they are fine walking but the minute you walk into a store they go bonkers. I guess that is just a boy for you.

After Shopping and looking for most of the afternoon we headed to dinner. Where we had reservation for 6:30 at B.B's. We enjoyed talking to the friends we met there and just taking our time for the evening. I think you feel the need to scarf down food when your children are around or you won't finish--so it was nice to take our time and relax at a meal.
After reviewing the nightly specials and looking at there normal menu I decided on a 1/2 Chicken with Nocchi and Spinach. My husband decided he would go a little lighter, since he was still full from lunch, and got the Grilled Chicken Sandwich.
Of course--who can go to B.B.'s and not get dessert? So--Yes--We got dessert. We ended up choosing the Bread Pudding with Ice Cream and the Oreo Mouse Pie. My Bread Pudding was served warm and tasted just what I hoped it would taste like. So as you can imagine I was stuffed and practically felt I needed to be rolled out the door. It was an awesome day and my husband couldn't have done a better job with it all.

Saturday I spent the morning helping a friend with a baby shower and then around 1:00 I headed home to quickly change into outside clothes for our Sunday School Class Party.
But wait-- Gus had another surprise. He surprised me with a Sheila's Birthday Cake. Yes--Another dessert. But it was amazing! It was a Strawberry cake with Strawberries in the cake and Cream Cheese Icing.
We enjoyed the afternoon playing in the Sun, talking to friends, and letting the kids run freely around the yard.

It was certainly a marvelous birthday....
Pictures From Saturday
Tucker loved the balls...
 Tucker and Gus playing with the balls
 Ethan and Gus wrestling
The amazing birthday cake Gus surprised me with. It was a strawberry cake with strawberries in it with cream cheese icing. Yumm
Gannon wanted to run the sound... He was so cute jumping up and down trying to dance to the music.
 Wendy and Chandler chilling out in the beautiful weather.
The girls with Ethan out on the swing. He was so sweet to them all. He even gave then a hug and kiss (on the cheek.) Watch out now!
Let's Play Ball!
Tucker wondering around just enjoying the outside. I don't really know what he was doing in most of these pictures.
Steven and Chandler
Baby Brooke
Brooke and Jennifer

Friday's Dinner
and dessert

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Day at the Zoo

This past Monday Ethan, Tucker, and I met my sister Brittany, Adam, Carson, and Jacob at the Zoo. 
They asked me on Sunday night if I would like to take advantage of the beautiful weather and meet them at the Zoo.  So I did.
Here are the pictures of our fun day!
 Yes...Our poor child has a hole in his jeans. We did not buy them that way nor do we like them but we can not find a pair to fit. He is tall but skinny and everything we have tried is just to big. We have been to the place where we got those jeans that he is wearing but they no longer carry them. Go figure...So for now we are stuck with 1 pair of skinny jeans. He does have other pants but I didn't want him to mess any of them up, since you can see how rough he really is on his clothes. Haha.

 Say Cheeeese........
Brit and the boys
 The Little Model
 They loved this part!
 It was very bright!
 Ethan's face is hilarious. I think he was ready to be done with pictures.
Tucker exploring

Revelation 4:11

"You are worthy, our Lord and God,
to receive glory and honor and power,
for you created all things,
and by your will they were created
and have their being."
Revelation 4:11

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