Monday, November 23, 2009


A Mommy Buzz Post Insert:
This is a post that will be posted on both of my blogs...

I was wondering if any of you have the same type problem when it comes to finding Holiday outfits?


So this past weekend my hubby and I, along with our two children, searched all over Savannah for our Christmas picture outfits along with a few other things for Thanksgiving. We traveled about 200 miles all weekend long. This did include driving 45 miles to Darien, Ga looking for: one particular store, that had one particular shirt, for one particular someone (to find out it didn't match.)

Now let me just tell you:
1st--I have a wonderful husband who puts up with my A type personality. Everything has to be perfect and until then I don't stop . Until--yes--my sweet husband-- brought me back to reality and reminded me we had been to every store possible (literally) in search of these items. We were on day #2 in search of these items. We had pushed our limit with the kids and we had church in one hour.

2nd-- I had two amazing little boys who traveled all over town very well... They were such troopers.

3rd-- I no longer want to step foot into another store looking for holiday outfits, shoes, a table cloth for Thanksgiving, or anything else until-- I guess next year--Or --until Friday (the day after Thanksgiving,
where you will find me shopping but this time it will be for-- FUN!!)

So I say all this to ask:
Do you like to shop?
Will we be find you shopping this Friday and Saturday?
Are you going to be up before dawn, in a long line, standing in the cold to get that particular someone a particular gift?
It is a family tradition?

Share with us your ideal plan for the weekend after Thanksgiving....

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Hedricks Visit Us In Savannah

Adam, Brittany, Carson, and Jacob visited us this past weekend. They were able to stay until Tuesday and then had to head back home. I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted to and I look back and don't really know why. When we were out we had our hands full with the kiddos and when were at the house we were busy playing Wii, which we bought the night before they came into town. We thought it would be something fun to do in our down time during the evenings (after the boys went to bed)! Well.. It certainly was fun! On Monday Gus had to go to work so Adam showed Ethan how to play...He was instantly hooked on bowling!! I am sure Gus can't wait to get more games to play on it... Hint, hint... Might be a good stocking stuffer!

Here are some of the pictures taken while they were here!

If you wonder what they were looking at-- it was a sail on a ship down by the water. 

There was a rather large boat docked and Adam was showing Carson the top of that boat...
Brit and Jacob
Above: A pretty butterfly we saw while walking
Below:Carson working hard with the tools!!


Tucker Playing in the Blinds

These are taken on two different days, as you can tell from what Tucker is wearing! He loves to play in the blinds..he will get in these moods where as soon as you move him into another room, he will crawl as fast as he can back to those same blinds...It is like a game to him!!  These pictures are not clear at all but I still wanted to post them anyway...I thought what he was doing was cute!

What kinda look is that??

 and yet another look

(can you see his tooth) He finally has a tooth in the front on the bottom and has two more on top about to come through.... Pray for this little guy... He does not handle pain well. :-(

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Florida vs. Georgia

We were also doing a Church gathering for Reformation day...

These were taken before anyone got to our place.. Playing around with the camera!
Ethan is actually looking at the camera again! Yay
The mix Ethan ate on allll night long! 
This is Aaryn... She loves playing with the kiddos. Such a help! Thanks Aaryn :-)
 By the end of the night-- the boys were wild and I wanted to get a picture of it--although you can't really see Ethan

Monday, November 2, 2009

{{Olivia Yopp Born September 30th}}

This is the first girl granddaughter and great granddaughter to be born on Gus' side of the family. She is so precious. These were my 4 favorites. If you check out the photographers site there will be more to come later in the week. I thought I would share with all the family out there.
Love you all!

Frank, Emily, and Olivia Yopp

Revelation 4:11

"You are worthy, our Lord and God,
to receive glory and honor and power,
for you created all things,
and by your will they were created
and have their being."
Revelation 4:11

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