Monday, February 22, 2010

Boys will be boys

As some of you know (those who read my Mommy Buzz Blog) I am always thinking of new ideas and things to write about that I sometimes forget to post things on the family blog. Last week I realized I hadn't posted anything about the Evans Family and so I updated you with a dentist experience (which didn't turn out to be all that bad.) This week I am sad to say I haven't taken that many pictures of the boys lately, therefore I only have a few to share with you.

This first and second picture is showing you how we found Tucker this past weekend in his room. It had been a few minutes since I had last seen or heard Tucker and so Gus went to look for him and this is what we found.
He thought he was pretty big since he climbed up there all on his own...but wait...

As I was taking a picture he pulled the top drawer out and slung back. He didn't think he was so big then!
That is a desperate face asking for help--don't worry--Gus was next to him making sure he didn't fall.

This picture was taken a few weeks back but I can't seem to get in any of them so this is the best I have.

This past weekend was beautiful out and we decided to take advantage of that and let the boys walk around on the porch while I prepared for dinner. I tried to get some pictures of them but everyone was so busy doing there own thing but I managed to get a few.
Tucker didn't know that his brother was actually holding him down for a good reason this time!!
He was trying to tell him to "Smile Tucker, Mommy wants a picture."

The boys

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Parenting: Boys Is the Topic

Parenting: Boys is the topic 
This is a Mommy Buzz post from today. I wanted to share with readers of our family blog as well.
Raising healthy, well-educated, self-disciplined children who love God is I believe, the most challenging responsibility of all. And of course, the job is even more difficult today when the culture undermines and contradicts everything Christian parents are trying to accomplish at home. Fortunately, we are not asked to do everything perfectly as moms and dads. Phew-- Isn't that a relief? Our kids usually manage to survive our mistakes and failures and turn out better than we have any right to boast about.
Even though with young children, are role and influence is far from over.

I truly believe that the spiritual welfare of our children is our most important responsibility with them. The only way to build their faith is to pour scripture into them, model it personally, and to stay on your knees in prayer. Our desire should be for our children to have a heart that wants to know God.
A little side note: It is so special to hear your young children pray. It personally touches my heart to hear my 3 year old say his prayers, pray for food, and it especially makes me tear up when he prays for the rescue trucks as they zoom by us with there lights and sirens on.
Your kids that around your feet will grow and be gone before you know it. Don't let the opportunity of these days slip away from you. We only have one chance. No professional accomplishment or success is worth that cost in my opinion.

It saddens me to know that there are people who think that kids past a certain number are a burden.
God is the giver and taker of life and we are not to play God.
Sorry--I had to vent for a second!

 I have often thought about how important father's are in a child's life but until I had my own I couldn't really grasp how important the role of a father really is. 
Daddy's play differently, they discipline differently, they communicate differently, they build confidence, and they provide a look at the world from a man's view.
Fathers have a huge responsibility as the head of the home to lead and guide the family in the right direction. 
So it is important for us as wives to encourage, pray, and support our husbands.

For those of you who have little boys and little girls (but today I want to talk about the boys), wow-- You have a responsibility that as they grow to teach them how to lead, to be a gentlemen, to be honest, to be strong but sensitive, Godly men and the list goes on....
Don't forget that sons grow up to become husbands and fathers.As moms we probably spend the majority of the time with them and therefore we need to give/teach the basis of there foundation.
I hope that as you read this you don't take it the wrong way or think I am lecturing anyone, I am simply sharing from my heart.
Being a mom is a huge responsibility and I can not take my job lightly.
I pray that you feel the same.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dentist Update

Things went well...
So the dentist wasn't that bad. The Doctor was very nice and his dental assistant was very helpful. Why is it that I have such a hard time making the appointment but once it's over I realize it isn't that bad?
But then again, they did give me laughing gas and had to numb my mouth twice. So maybe some of the anticipation I had was gone very quickly because of that good old "stuff."

Now onto how Daddy did with the boys...
He stayed busy but did a wonderful job. He even folded a load of clothes for me!
What a great husband I have...

Word for the wise:
Teeth are important; You only have 1 set, so if you have a fear of the dentist then find a good one and go get them cleaned and checked.
You do want to have healthy teeth when your old right?

Well now that I have done my little pep talk to you, I am going to go search through pictures to upload on the blog. Take Care!


Sometimes I get so carried away with my Mommy Buzz page that I forget to post things on our Family Blog.
I hope to get some of Tucker's 1st Birthday photos up on the blog sometime this week. Hang in there with me because I will post something

Today I have a dentist appointment--Which let me just tell you a second....
I absolutely HATE......
Yes, I do not like going to the dentist. There I said it!

I have canceled appointments for the last year and now my husband has decided it has been long enough.
He tells me he wants me to grow old with healthy teeth--Well, he is right--I want healthy teeth to, so I am going during lunch today while he watches the boys at the house.

I will report back to you this afternoon on how things went with both me and the boys!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Tuckers Birthday Cake and Cookies

A post from Mommy Buzz today:
Tuckers Birthday Cake and Cookies

As many of you read on Friday I had my youngest son's birthday party on Saturday.
And yes...I did make his cake.
I know it was a big question for me last week...
So this morning I am happy to share with you that Tucker's birthday went well. It was so much fun and I am so excited to share with you bits and pieces of his big day.

I do want to take a second and thank my sister for coming over on Friday to help me knead and roll out the fondant. She was an amazing help and I appreciate her so much!
Thank you sis.

Now you ask-- what is fondant?
Fondant is a smooth, almost flawless icing seen on many traditional wedding cakes. Depending on the type of fondant, it can be rolled and draped over a cake or poured over a cake as a liquid. 
Is it easy? 
Will I do it again??

So lets get started with all the pictures, shall we?
These are pictures of the cake and cookies that were served at the party. 

First off, I started with a Strawberry cake and cream cheese icing. This cake is going to be covered so it doesn't have to look great. It is the taste that matters, right?
The next step is to color and roll the fondant out
It looks like play-do. But I promise it isn't!
Then once the fondant is rolled out you place it on the cake

My sister and I rolled all the balls that were on the cake and these are the two colors I chose: Blue and Green.

Once the first layer had fondant on it, we then rolled out the next color so we could place the fondant on the second layer. As you can see there is some icing poking out of the bottom and it isn't quite flat yet. But don't worry, it will get covered.
Then we colored and rolled gum paste and cut circles to put on the cake. 
Here is the back side of the cake.
Last, I added Tucker's name and a number 1 at the top of the cake.
Here is the finished product. 

Now for Tucker's (Own) cake. This is the cake he dug into and slung all over the place... Literally :-)

I did pick off the polka dots so Tucker didn't eat them...Just in case you were wondering!

Here are the cookies that were given as each person left the party. 
They were so yummy...
I packaged them in a lime green bag to go with the color theme

 I know it sounds really easy but it is harder and more time consuming then you would think to make a cake like the one above. 
If I was to buy this cake from a bakery it would have cost at least $149. So I saved lots of money by making it myself.
Well that is it for today-- Ya'll have a great rest of the day!


Revelation 4:11

"You are worthy, our Lord and God,
to receive glory and honor and power,
for you created all things,
and by your will they were created
and have their being."
Revelation 4:11

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