Tuesday, September 29, 2009

~Learning my Lesson~

I learned a lesson tonight while shopping at Publix.
So Gus,the boys, and I ran up to Publix tonight to grab a few items for our dinners this week. Shortly after we got there Tucker started to get fussy so I decided I would just hold him through the store. So I was looking at some glass coffee mugs (while holding tucker) and there was a large glass bowl on one of the shelves below the mugs.Before I knew it Tucker pulled two large glass bowls of the shelf. I tried to grab it with my knee and one bowl shattered on the ground and the other one rolled off my legs and cracked.So now I had everyone in the store running to make sure we were ok and a big knot on my leg. Thank goodness we were both fine but needless to say, I was no longer interested in the mug...This was my [thanks to tucker :-) ] first time to brake an item in a store.. I never even thought for a second that he would grab it, so I guess I learned my lesson. I honestly wasn't even watching his arms. You know he grabs everything else so why didn't I pay attention to him? I guess we all get caught off guard every now and then....

We are still here!

We are still here. I know it has been a week since the last set of pictures but we have been back and forth from Jacksonville to Savannah this past weekend. And Gus is headed back in to Jax again tomorrow for a speech he has to give. So we have been spending some time on the road, to say the least, but we are not complaining by any means. We are thankful for the many blessings God has given us and if traveling is what we need to do, then by golly, we will.
As some of you may know, Brittany, my middle sister, is going to be getting married October 15th, so we have been busy with those plans. She has found a beautiful place on the St.Johns River to say there vow's and then will have a small reception afterwards. It has been lots of fun helping her plan this event. We still have lots to do and not much time left but are looking forward to it very much!
Tucker is getting around like a pro. He is still working on crawling with his knees vs. the army crawl but he can pull himself up and stand holding onto things. He is growing to fast. I can't believe this past weekend he turned 8 months old. He is doing better with the food thing. I don't know if some of you know but he doesn't like to eat the normal stage 1 baby food. I am working on it but not forcing it. He is still only 8 months and isn't required til much older to really have anything else other then milk. Plus, he is our second and you seem to not be in such a rush to try new things with the second. I guess you know it means they are growing up! :-)
As for Ethan, he is doing great! He is so full of energy as usual and loves to be outside. I feel like I have a 4 or 5 year old instead of a 3 1/2 year old. He just acts to old for his own good!! I don't have many new pictures of him right now b/c he likes me to take pictures of everything else but him. So I will get one of him up soon!
Well my time is up! I hear my little one awake from his afternoon nap, so now I am off to feed tucker, straighten the house up, do some laundry, and to start dinner for tonight.
I will finish updating later....Check back soon!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

{{Lettow Family of Three}}


A few weeks back Chris, Lindsey, and Chandler came to visit us in Savannah. We enjoyed them coming for the day very much!! They were also sweet enough to let me take pictures of them and the new little one. These were a few that were taken. Chandler is such a doll!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Little Eli!!

                     I took some pictures of Eli (New Covenant's Pastor and wifes little boy) while at the cookout!! He just turned one on September 12th!! What a Cu-tie Pie! P.S.-I found out why the pics look watery... It is b/c they are too big of a pic for the site. It takes way to long for me to change all my pics so I am just going to leave them for now. So sorry you don't get to see the really clear version!! I will take care it one of these days!!

Here are some of the same photos as above they are just done in an Old Photo Style!!

Guess what I found?

Well let me first tell you a short story about this bed. So while we are up in Richmond Hill we bought this bed for our place up here. I tried really hard to keep the mattress the same and to keep a bumper on the bed that was close to what he had on his real bed at home. The last time we were home (in Jax) he didn't sleep very well. So I can say the beds "I guess" sleeps different. He also likes to take his hand and hold onto the bumper and go to sleep. When we are home at Jax he can't do that b/c the bumper is bigger and fluffier. So I am sad that he doesn't even know his real bed....But anyway...the other day I went into Tuckers room to see why he wasn't going to sleep and "Guess what I found?" that little stinker pulled himself up and was holding on.. He wouldn't go to sleep b/c he wouldn't let go of the side of the bed. So I had to take a picture. They are both the same pics just a different look...he is getting toooo big!! We lowered the bed that night :-(

{New Covenant Church Get Together}

This past weekend we stayed in Richmond Hill and attended the Church Plant get together. We enjoyed lots of yummy food and fellowship. Ethan had a blast riding on the neighbors little girls electronic ATV and Barbie jeep. Yes!! I said Barbie jeep!! Our little boy rode in a pink car but he loved it! Here are some of the pictures...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

{{A New Church Plant}}

Ok... So one more thing. I know I have had you already checking a site out today but I have one more....
Let me tell you the story first: Gus and I came up to Savannah in April for a job Gus is on. He immediately started searching for churches and programs that we could get involved in that would be close to where we live. He came home one night and said," Guess what? I found a church that I think we should try out, and guess where it is? It is right down the road about a mile from here. There is a pastor who has come to Richmond Hill to start a church plant and as of right now, it is being held at his home. He is married and has two small boys as well. I think we should try it out." So he contacted Nick Batzig and we got all the info and attended that following Wednesday night bible study. We really enjoyed it and felt it was what we were looking for and the biggest thing of all was that God wanted us there. We knew we wanted to get involved in a church and also meet some families in the area.On the weekends we stay in Richmond Hill we wanted to have somewhere to attend that preached the WORD...
We have now been involved this entire time and are loving it. It has encouraged me to read and understand Gods word more. The church is now located at Ford Academy in Richmond Hill. So I say all this to say.... The church needs our help!! First off, Please pray that God will continue to grow the church. That His will be done and that families and individuals will visit the church. Second, the church website needs traffic. I know this sounds weird but with the church being new it is harder to get it at the top of a review list or to be ranked on the web. Please take a second and visit this link: http://www.newcovpres.com/

Thank you so much for your time! It is appreciated. Many people do not realize how much work, prayer, preparation, time, energy, and money it takes to start a church plant. Feel free if you have any questions or comments to post it with this blog. I would be happy to answer them for you. Also if anyone knows anyone who lives in Savannah, Richmond Hill, area send them our way. This is a solid church and you wouldn't regret it!


Check it out!!

So as many of you know I am taking some photography classes, here in Savannah. I still have LOTS to learn but I am so excited that I have been given this opportunity. I have enjoyed learning my camera, figuring out the technical part of taking pictures, and seeing the endless possibilities that digital photography is now taking us. I recently, well two assignments ago, turned in a documentary group of photos. My Teacher is a photographer here in Savannah, Nate and Laura Henderson (you can view the website here: http://www.openlightstudio.com/) Laura has been posting blog winners after each assignment and this week (due to being out of town and school starting back) she just posted the winners. I was excited to see when I opened the blog ( Here: http://www.openlightstudio.com/blog/) our Ethan (which means I won an assignment.) You will also see two other winners and there pictures. Needless to say, I was very surprised when I saw it b/c I didn't think the pictures were worthy of that. So I was pleasantly surprised.
So I hope this has made since and hasn't completely confused you but I wanted you all to check out Ethan on the blog. So don't forget... Go check it out!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tucker Laughing :-)

We went to visit Gus' Grandparents this past weekend on our way back to Savannah. Ethan was making Tucker laugh so Gus grabbed his phone and got part of it. Ethan did get a little rough but Tucker didn't seem to mind. We thought it was so funny and wanted to share it with you!

Monday, September 14, 2009

*Oh No. Play-Doh*

Ok... So I guess I am one of those moms who don't like there kids to get dirty or play with things that will make a mess. Well with two boys- I am learning you have to GET OVER it!! Let boys be boys. I know there is a time and place for everything... so I felt like the time had finally come to let Ethan play with Play-Doh in the house. Actually, at the nook table. I had to document this momentous occasion b/c I didn't know if we would be doing it again (inside the house). Ethan loved it and had a great time. He knows how to clean it up and he plays with one color at a time. It is wonderful to let him entertain himself for a little while. So... all the worry for nothing. He is a pro at it!!
Sorry Everyone. I haven't figured out why the pictures look weird. I still think it is the size of the pictures. I will have to fix that!!

*Oh No. Play-Doh*

Revelation 4:11

"You are worthy, our Lord and God,
to receive glory and honor and power,
for you created all things,
and by your will they were created
and have their being."
Revelation 4:11

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