Friday, December 18, 2009

{Christmas Pictures}

The other night I was about to go to bed and it hit me that we still have not take our Christmas pictures. I have been so behind with things this year... Or at least I feel that way!
So I quickly asked Gus if he could get off a bit early the next day so we could get them done.
He was able to get off and our sweet friend Anna, was able to meet up with us and take them for us.
I was planning on using the tri-pod but I am sooo glad we did not have to b/c it would have been so time consuming and hard with the two little ones. :-)
So thank you, Anna!

We now have the cards ordered and they will go out next week. They might be late but I am determined to get them out!

Here are a few that I thought were funny of the boys, you know--typical kids, not looking at the camera!



Ethan is kissing brother
Tucker loves making this face... 
Ethan was dropping leaves on Tuckers head. Typical boy!


And at this point it was time to quit taking pictures. Ethan was trying to be sweet and hug Tucker but as you can tell I had to quickly rescue the poor little guy before he was choked...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Smiling Today!

Here are the boys eating lunch today. I thought I would share with you there happy faces.. Even though they are still in P.J's and have food on there faces, they are feeling better. 


Monday, December 14, 2009

Update on the Boys!

I wanted to share with those of you who are praying for our boys and let you know how they are doing today.

Well as you know being sick is no fun. Especially for little ones. But they seem to be handling it much better then I thought. They are such little troopers.

Well about Ethan:
He is starting to get his energy back. He has not wanted to eat very much for the past week and a half so he has last about 4 pounds, which is a lot for a little to lose. I am keeping him full of liquids and yesterday he started eating more then just 1 meal for us again. So I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel for him. The doctor did say this will take about 3-4 weeks to completely get over. So today it is about the same and I think it will stay this way for the next couple of days.
He did start to ask for his morning snack today and that is a good sign!

He is doing well. He is still wheezing and very clingy. We are still doing the breathing treatments with the nebulizer (which he hates doing) but you can hear a difference afterwards so we are going to keep doing it until we run out of the medicine...Which will probably be another week.
He has started to pick back up with eating his baby food. He still eats only a couple of bites and then is done but it is much better then not wanting it at all. He has lost about 1 1/2 pounds now. He weighs right at 13 pounds 15 ounces.
He is a pretty little fellow with all his clothes off but I know he will pick back up soon.
He is starting to get some of his energy back and has enjoyed playing on the floor with his brother for short spurts. He was the sickest of the two so he will take a little longer to heal.
Since he has RSV I am still monitoring his breathing and praying that his lungs, and bronchial tubes heal up nicely.

It is hard to watch your kids be sick but it is even harder to know that they will have 2-3 days were they feel the same and don't seem to be getting better. So thank you for all your prayers!

Gus started to have a stomach bug last Thursday and still seems to not be better... As well as this weekend we both woke up with a head cold. So I am praying it runs it coarse quickly so we can be back to normal again.
We are also in the middle of packing to get ready to head back to Jacksonville this weekend so please continue to pray for the move and that it goes well.
As our one friend said: When it rains it pours! That is how I feel--like everything is just hitting us at once. But I know it is only for a short time and we will all be back up on our feet and running again soon!

Thank you so much!
We don't know what we would do without all the prayers and encouragement from our friends and family.


{Pray for our boys}

I wanted to ask for your prayers for my two boys, Ethan and Tucker.
I took them to the doctor in Jacksonville today because they have been sick this week. Little did I know how bad they were until today or I would have brought them sooner.
Ethan- the oldest, has two double ear infections and bronchitis.
He is on two antibiotics and ear drops.
Tucker- the baby, has two double ear infections as well. Worse then Ethan's the doctor said. He also has RSV. Which is a serious respiratory syncytial virus most commonly found in infants. He was on a monitor for his breathing this morning so they could see how quickly he was breathing. He was sent home but we need to watch him and monitor his wheezing and how hard he has to work at breathing. He is now on two antibiotics, and ear drops as well. He also has to be on a nebulizer for 10 minutes every 4 hours.
Our doctor said this should help keep him out of the hospital and breathing better. The cough could possibly take 3-4 weeks to go away.
They are such troopers but are definitely miserable.

Please pray for there healing.
Also, Pray that Gus and I stay healthy and strong.
Thank you all for your prayers!

Gus and Krysten Evans

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Please Pray for Them!

I would like to ask for you to be in prayer for my Omi and Grandpa Matt (my moms parents.)
This past Sunday my Omi put some egg rolls in a pot of oil and went outside to work in her yard. She forgot about them until it was to late. The kitchen caught fire and when she went inside to put the fire out she inhaled smoke. Needless to say she is ok. She was taken to the hospital so they could monitor her high blood pressure and check for carbon monoxide poison. She was released later that night. However she is still coughing pretty badly... But thank the Lord for protecting her and keeping her safe!
My Grandpa Matt was out of town at the time and I am sure you can imagine his thoughts when he found out about all of that.
He is now back in town and they are staying at a local hotel. The stove was removed by the firemen and the wall that the stove was on will need to be replaced along with the cabinets. The insurance is taking care of all the damage and going to clean and fix the home.
But I am sure you can understand the emotions that they are now going through. They will be out of there home for at least 6-8 weeks and staying in a condo until the home is livable again.

Please pray for them as they start this journey of getting there home back to the way it was before the fire.
My Omi said there is not one single thing in the entire house that is not covered with layers of soot. She said you open cabinets, drawers, boxes, etc. and everything has black all over it...

I appreciate all your thoughts and prayers.
Thank you!

Friday, December 4, 2009


These pictures were taken at (going left to right) 6 months, birth and 3 months.                     

Look at the difference in 6 months. Wow! I was comparing today these pictures and I thought I would share it with you. They change so fast!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I'm Back!

Where do I begin?

Currently right now we are living in Richmond Hill, Ga. (right outside of Savannah.)

As many of you know we have been here since April 5th. Gus has been working on a Federal Government project up here. And very recent his company opened a new office branch in downtown Savannah.
In this building

We are awaiting to hear back on some possibilities for staying up here but until then we miss our friends and family in Jacksonville but are also enjoying our time here.
As of now, we are planning on moving back to Jacksonville come December 18th.

The boys:

Such a wonderful, loving and understanding husband! 


Ethan is growing like a weed. I can not say it enough--time goes by too fast. He will be 4 in March and  is about 3 1/2 feet tall and weighs about 30-32 pounds. So he is tall and thin and will definitely be passing me up soon.   ;-)
I can not believe my little boy will be 4. We have been praying about what to do with him for school. We still have not decided but I have a feeling I will probably be homeschooling. Which means I have to get busy doing some research on books, lesson plans, etc. for us.
Ethan is still very energetic, always asking lots of questions-- very curious--but still loves to be read to and told stories. He enjoys playing with his brother, running around outside, playing catch, and is into his dinosaurs right now. Every evening (unless we get home late for some reason) Ethan enjoys listening to his daddy read  from the bible and then Gus reads a chapter out of Narnia. Gus recently started reading to Ethan the Chronicles of Narnia. He is now almost through book #2 out of the 7 books. Ethan has learned that not all books have to have pictures and that you can use your imagination.
We still have a long way to go with raising and teaching him in the admonition of the Lord but I am looking forward to the road we have before us.


He recently turned 10 months old and weighs about 15 1/2 pounds. I am not for sure how long he is but he is definitely lengthening out.
He has 4 teeth. Two on the top and two on the bottom. Which is a surprise to me b/c Ethan did not have that many at Tuckers age.
He is doing great with baby food. He enjoys mostly whatever I give him as long as it has banana in it. I am still making his baby food and would encourage other moms to do the same. It is really very easy and you know exactly what your child is eating. Now don't get me wrong-- I do have days I use an organic baby food jar to mix with Tuckers banana. But I make sure I only buy the baby food that has that particular food with water in
Tucker is crawling, pulling up, and will stand in one place on his own. He will step as long as he is holding onto something. So it won't be long before he is walking and literally into everything.
I am enjoying the time I have with him right now though.
I have tried to start the weaning process, from nursing him. It is not going well. All he wants to do is chew on everything I give him. I have tried putting milk in a bottle, a sippy cup with a soft mouth piece, a soft throw away juice cup with a soft lid and nothing works. So this is going to be harder then I thought--Ethan transitioned so easy that I thought Tucker might do the same--but I was wrong....
So we will continue to try and see what happens.
See--I haven't left Tucker yet except for just a couple hours. I have always been back home in time to feed him again. So my goal was for by the time Gus' Christmas party came around on Dec 12th to be able to leave him with milk for bedtime.
Boy am I in over my head for the next 2 weeks. Or maybe I should say--poor family who is going to watch him that night. He might just scream the entire time!
So pray for him and me....

So that being said, let's move on.. Shall we?

About me:
Well I don't have a picture b/c I am always taking them.. I will work on getting one and updating you!
When I am not chasing my children around the house, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, making baby food, letting our dog out, packing up or unpacking for some reason, telling one certain child to share, praying for guidance, studying the scripture, cleaning pee-pee off the toilets (b/c I live in a house full of boys), being a wife, taking pictures (my hobby), scrap-booking, etc. because I could go on.... then you will find me blogging on my new Mommy Buzz site.
It was created to help women have a Christian site to visit and get advice from. Covering a wide range of topics my prayers is that it can encourage other women who may not always have answers to their questions. And of course --adding some fun stuff in with it--like decor--cooking--etc.

So basically I have my daily routine with an occasional outing for errands, MOPS, play-dates, the park, church, bible study, etc.
Being a mom and wife doesn't leave you with much time on your hands...But it is a fantastic blessing and privilege that the Lord has given to me.

So that 's all folks...In a nutshell that's what's going on with us right now.

As new things come about with Gus' work I will let you know. Please be in prayer for us that Gods will be done and that the right decisions will be made.

Love You ,
The Evans Family

Monday, November 23, 2009


A Mommy Buzz Post Insert:
This is a post that will be posted on both of my blogs...

I was wondering if any of you have the same type problem when it comes to finding Holiday outfits?


So this past weekend my hubby and I, along with our two children, searched all over Savannah for our Christmas picture outfits along with a few other things for Thanksgiving. We traveled about 200 miles all weekend long. This did include driving 45 miles to Darien, Ga looking for: one particular store, that had one particular shirt, for one particular someone (to find out it didn't match.)

Now let me just tell you:
1st--I have a wonderful husband who puts up with my A type personality. Everything has to be perfect and until then I don't stop . Until--yes--my sweet husband-- brought me back to reality and reminded me we had been to every store possible (literally) in search of these items. We were on day #2 in search of these items. We had pushed our limit with the kids and we had church in one hour.

2nd-- I had two amazing little boys who traveled all over town very well... They were such troopers.

3rd-- I no longer want to step foot into another store looking for holiday outfits, shoes, a table cloth for Thanksgiving, or anything else until-- I guess next year--Or --until Friday (the day after Thanksgiving,
where you will find me shopping but this time it will be for-- FUN!!)

So I say all this to ask:
Do you like to shop?
Will we be find you shopping this Friday and Saturday?
Are you going to be up before dawn, in a long line, standing in the cold to get that particular someone a particular gift?
It is a family tradition?

Share with us your ideal plan for the weekend after Thanksgiving....

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Hedricks Visit Us In Savannah

Adam, Brittany, Carson, and Jacob visited us this past weekend. They were able to stay until Tuesday and then had to head back home. I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted to and I look back and don't really know why. When we were out we had our hands full with the kiddos and when were at the house we were busy playing Wii, which we bought the night before they came into town. We thought it would be something fun to do in our down time during the evenings (after the boys went to bed)! Well.. It certainly was fun! On Monday Gus had to go to work so Adam showed Ethan how to play...He was instantly hooked on bowling!! I am sure Gus can't wait to get more games to play on it... Hint, hint... Might be a good stocking stuffer!

Here are some of the pictures taken while they were here!

If you wonder what they were looking at-- it was a sail on a ship down by the water. 

There was a rather large boat docked and Adam was showing Carson the top of that boat...
Brit and Jacob
Above: A pretty butterfly we saw while walking
Below:Carson working hard with the tools!!


Tucker Playing in the Blinds

These are taken on two different days, as you can tell from what Tucker is wearing! He loves to play in the blinds..he will get in these moods where as soon as you move him into another room, he will crawl as fast as he can back to those same blinds...It is like a game to him!!  These pictures are not clear at all but I still wanted to post them anyway...I thought what he was doing was cute!

What kinda look is that??

 and yet another look

(can you see his tooth) He finally has a tooth in the front on the bottom and has two more on top about to come through.... Pray for this little guy... He does not handle pain well. :-(

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Florida vs. Georgia

We were also doing a Church gathering for Reformation day...

These were taken before anyone got to our place.. Playing around with the camera!
Ethan is actually looking at the camera again! Yay
The mix Ethan ate on allll night long! 
This is Aaryn... She loves playing with the kiddos. Such a help! Thanks Aaryn :-)
 By the end of the night-- the boys were wild and I wanted to get a picture of it--although you can't really see Ethan

Revelation 4:11

"You are worthy, our Lord and God,
to receive glory and honor and power,
for you created all things,
and by your will they were created
and have their being."
Revelation 4:11

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