Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm A Cutie Pie

~I'm One, I'm Cute, and I Know It~


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Taking You Back a Year Ago

Thinking back on that very busy morning that he was born:

I woke up at 5:15 to contractions that were very strong and (me)-- not moving at all but tightly holding onto the side of the bed I breathed deeply. As I did Gus woke up and asked, "are you ok?" and then I replied, "I think I need to get ready."
How did I sleep through those contractions, man..... they hurt.
Then as I hurried to get ready and we dropped Ethan off at the Grandparents house my contractions got stronger and stronger.
On the way to the hospital I remember telling Gus, "stop hitting all the bumps in the road"...I laugh at that because he was trying so hard to not hit them!!

Then as we arrive to the hospital I walk down 2 flights of stairs so I can just GET to the delivery room. I thought if I walked I would get there faster but what was I thinking???
Maybe next time I will use a wheel chair...Or not...

So I get to the room and I was 8 cm dilated.

And less then 45 minutes later I was holding my blue eyed baby boy in my arms.
A start to a new beginning with 2 children.

It has been wonderful but this year has gone by so fast?
Oh how the time flies!
I think with each child the first year goes by faster and faster.
As I am sitting in my chair writing this I remember telling a few people at church this past weekend that this week Tucker was going to be 1. They all said, "If I would have known how fast time flies and how precious it is to have all your children living at home with you then I would have had a slue of them."

I am just so thankful that Tucker is a healthy and active little boy. Although him being active keeps me busy....Very Busy.
I wouldn't want it any other way.

Today he is
17 pounds
 27 inches
He has grown some in the past two weeks, which is good.

But he is still a little guy for his age.

So today I am content, happy, thankful, and blessed to be a mommy.

Happy Birthday Tucker Samuel Evans

Here are some pictures to show you the difference in 1 year.


3 Months Old

6 Months Old

9 Months Old

12 Months Old

Monday, January 25, 2010

Hilary's Visit To Jacksonville

This past week Gus' cousin (Hilary) came to Jacksonville for some business meetings.We were able to visit with her a couples nights last week and then for most of Saturday. We enjoyed the time we had with her and hope she makes it back again soon!
Here are a few pictures we took while she was here.

Tucker playing with his toys...He walks everywhere now!

While we were eating dinner Ethan decided he would like his picture taken.
By the way- His bandages fell off on Saturday. Exactly 2 weeks after he hit his head and it looks pretty good. We are keeping medicine on it so he won't have to bad a scar. Thanks for those of you who were praying for him. Also, he is dire need of a hair cut but we were waiting until his wound healed more.

Grandmother and Hilary

Look at all his hair. I can't keep it out of his face!

Thanks Hilary for taking all our pictures. It seems Gus and I rarely get any together. 

You are probably wondering where Ethan is during all this time... He was eating his dessert at the table and didn't want to leave it for a second. Who could blame him, it was delicious.

Grandmother and Hilary being Silly during pictures!

Granddaddy and Grandmother

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Update On Ethan and Tucker

A quick update....
I will start with Ethan:
We went to the doctor on Monday for a ER follow up on his forehead. The Doctor checked him and said that everything looks good. That was great to hear!
He weighed 36 pounds even.
He is 3 feet 3 inches tall
(He will be passing me up soon) 

Here is an update picture of his head

He is going to be turning 1 on January 26th.
He weighed 15 pounds 6 ounces
He was 27 inches long

The Doctor was a little concerned about his weight and so we are working on bulking him up.
He is now on a mix that is whole milk and pedia sure or whole milk and liquid yogurt (gross--that is so not what I wanted to give him but I don't want the Doc to be concerned, so I will do what I need to until he gets his weight up.) These mixes are to help him gain weight and hopefully keep the doctors from being so concerned.
He is eating baby food well and loves finger foods.
I think he will be fine it is just going to take him a little bit longer to come around with the food department.
The things he can do:
He knows how to clap, he can walk, he can throw a ball, says ma-ma sometimes, and da-da-da more, he knows the word "no", and so much more. 

I will update toward the end of the month with his weight and some other things when I post his 1 year!!

Here is a recent picture of him

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our Second Trip to the ER

This past weekend we did have an interesting trip to the ER. This time it was not for something as minor as the last time though.

While visiting Gus' grandparents Ethan had a collision with the stairs. As most of you know he is a bit clumsy and runs into all sorts of things. While we were in the process of packing up to leave Grandmother and Granddaddy's house Ethan was running toward the kitchen and tripped. They have this medal stair nosing--that is right,Gus said it is called a medal star nosing--known as a medal edge on the step. Well when he fell we were all standing there and saw it happen. As soon as his head hit it and he started screaming...Gus grabbed him up quickly and ran to the kitchen, while the rest of us ran around getting rags and basically not knowing how to react. Gus took one look at it and said we needed to get to the hospital.
So we quickly loaded up and I sat in the back seat of the car with Ethan while holding the rag tightly on his head.
Gus dropped us off at the ER door and met up with us after parking the car.
I of coarse signed him in and then anxiously waited.
 I didn't know what it looked like because I hadn't had a chance to look at it yet so I thought I would take a peak while waiting. I took one look and started to tear up. 
At that time, Gus came walking up with Tucker and took Ethan for me. I didn't want Ethan to see me tear up so I quickly walked down the hall.
I thought I would be stronger then what I was but it was hard to see him wanting to go to sleep and crying.  
It was deep and I just prayed that they could easily fix it without Ethan giving them a hard time.

Well he did great. He was so brave and they were able to fix it with no problems.
They cleaned the wound, glued it and put 3 strips on it and then topped it with a bandage. We will need to follow up with the pediatrician Monday morning but he should be fine.

Here are some pictures taken on Gus' phone while in the ER.

He isn't out of it in this picture. He is just blinking.
You can't tell how deep it is here but when you looked at it in person it was definitely deeper then what the closeness of the picture is showing. 
 Here he is when they were almost finished. He did wonderfully!!

Hopefully we will stay out of the ER for a long time.. These trips are not fun. :-(

New Years Eve

This is Tucker and Ethan earlier on New Years Eve Day. They were playing and Ethan kept taking toys from Tucker.
Well the only way Tucker can tell on Ethan is to yell. This is the face he makes when toys are taken....

He knows I will come running and he will get his toy back.

This is him again, letting me know, "Mommy he took my toy."

Now he is warning his brother to stay away.. or else!!

Then he stands up to get his toy back and look what happened...Tucker forget what he was upset about and they started laughing....
They are so funny!

New Year's Eve Night we had some friends over and we enjoyed the evening very much!
It was great to see everyone and catch up a bit.
 Meg and Kristina earlier in the night

Tucker and Daddy


 Jason and Jason Jr.

Mommy and Tucker
Where was Ethan? Oh, I remember now. He was playing with his dinosaurs in his room.
  Kristina and I later in the night

Meg and I

Cassy and Linz

These couples pictures were taken a little before midnight. Everyone made it and stuck it out til the clock struck 12. Happy New Year!






Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Christmas EVE
For Christmas Eve we had Christmas dinner with my side of the family.
My Dad, Mom, Adam, Brittany (there boys), Hannah, Grandpa Matt, and Omi came to our house for Christmas Eve dinner.
After dinner that night we all opened our gifts from one another.
It was enjoyed very much and we loved all the time we got to spend with everyone on that day!
Here are quite a few pictures from that day and night.
But first I wanted to show you this picture of the boys with Santa. Poor Tucker--He did not like it at all...

Brittany, Her husband and boys

Carson-19 months old
Jacob-6 months old
Dad with Jacob

 Mom with Tucker

Miscellaneous pictures of us all on Christmas Eve.

Adam and Brit got this game for us!

Mommy and Ethan

Ethan is into Dinosaurs this year.  I mean really into them! He now has a total of 50 :-)

Tucker-More curious then ever...

 Grandpa Matt



 Christmas DAY

For Christmas morning this year we did not do a big family breakfast. It was just to much to do since we had just had Christmas Eve dinner at our house the night before. So Gus, the boys, and I woke up and opened gifts on our own that morning. It was such a sweet time with us all together.
Then we let Tucker take his morning nap and when he woke up we headed over to Gus' Grandparents house. Where we had our Christmas Day dinner with Floyd, Tina, Shannon, Jon, Grandmother and Granddaddy.

Tucker as he was waiting for us all to get ready so we could open presents.

On this particular morning, Ethan did not want to get up... It took 35 minutes to get him into the living room. What a tired little boy!

But when he made it into the living room, he was very happy!
He got a tent!

and yes...It is HUGE! little did we know!
Our Cowboy hat...

Tucker liked the hat too!

It is so much fun to watch them open presents. 

These pictures were from the grandparents house.
The boys were given a wagon this year...
It was so funny b/c Ethan got something on his clothes when we first got there so I washed his clothes real quick, but in the mean time he had to wear an old shirt. We tied it in the back and he looked like he had a tail. I just had to share these with you all. We were laughing so hard!!

I am soo glad his clothes were done in time for his bike pictures... He is going to hate this one day!

Watching the boys!

Ethan's bike from Grandpa and Granny


It was a little big so we are holding off until Ethan gets a little taller. But it is a neat bike and can not wait until it fits him!
Thanks for reading this LONG post. I have enjoyed looking at the pictures and picking them out and hope you enjoy them as well.
Love you to all!

Revelation 4:11

"You are worthy, our Lord and God,
to receive glory and honor and power,
for you created all things,
and by your will they were created
and have their being."
Revelation 4:11

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