Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Day at the Zoo

This past Monday Ethan, Tucker, and I met my sister Brittany, Adam, Carson, and Jacob at the Zoo. 
They asked me on Sunday night if I would like to take advantage of the beautiful weather and meet them at the Zoo.  So I did.
Here are the pictures of our fun day!
 Yes...Our poor child has a hole in his jeans. We did not buy them that way nor do we like them but we can not find a pair to fit. He is tall but skinny and everything we have tried is just to big. We have been to the place where we got those jeans that he is wearing but they no longer carry them. Go figure...So for now we are stuck with 1 pair of skinny jeans. He does have other pants but I didn't want him to mess any of them up, since you can see how rough he really is on his clothes. Haha.

 Say Cheeeese........
Brit and the boys
 The Little Model
 They loved this part!
 It was very bright!
 Ethan's face is hilarious. I think he was ready to be done with pictures.
Tucker exploring


Quarterback said...

What a fun day at the zoo! My son was (and is) tall and skinny. I use to get his jeans at Old navy, they had elastic in the back and it was a life saver. he is now 15 but wore those Old Navy jeans all the way thru 5th grade. Good luck!

Revelation 4:11

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Revelation 4:11

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