Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ethan Turns 5

Ethan turned 5 this past Friday. I feel like 5 is so old and I still can't get over that I actually have a 5 year old. 
Have you ever had a child turn a certain age and you just couldn't believe it? Well 5 was it for me!

With age 5, comes Kindergarden. So I am now in the process of deciding which curriculum is best for us since we are homeschooling in the fall. Well we have been homeschooling Ethan for Preschool but have decided to homeschool him for Kindergarden as well. Even though the schools here are the best in the area/State we still feel homeschooling is the best for him right now. Who knows though, it may change in years to come!
I know you are probably wondering why I am already thinking about that, right??  September is 5 months away but the planning/preparing/and buying begins now. I am also planning to attend a Georgia Conference in May so all my final decisions can be made so we can enjoy the summer!

Now onto Ethan's Birthday, shall we?

So Friday morning Ethan woke up and wanted waffles. So I pulled out my milled grain and made him some homemade waffles. I recently started putting organic yogurt on the side as a dip and they love it!! 
It actually isn't half bad!

Then for lunch he wanted good old PP&J with oranges and yogurt. What a simple boy he is. 
Then we had a surprise visit from MiMi. Well I knew she was coming but it was a surprise to him. She showed up with balloons, a kite, and later gave him his Sheriff Woody outfit. 
The Tackle box with all kinds of goodies inside (which you can't see) were from his daddy. 

Here's the boys trying to fly the kite in the field across from our house. 

Later that night after dinner, Ethan enjoyed some chocolate cupcakes!! 
He says," Mmm, Chocolate is my favorite." 
Where did he get that from? 

And Tucker had to have some too... Whatever Ethan has, does, or says Tucker copies. That's a two year old for you. 
Then on Saturday we had a birthday party for him. Which now that I am looking back over the pictures I am disappointed with the pictures we didn't get. But I think they ended up on the camcorder, hopefully!
Anyway, we rented one of those bouncing houses and the kids had a blast. We actually had it from late Friday night til about 9 on Sunday morning. So Ethan jumped and jumped and jumped some more. Really til he was exhausted....But it was so much fun watching him have a great time! 

Here are some pictures from his party!
This wasn't my first pick for bouncers but it was about all I had to choose from beside very young disney cartoons. 

Eli and Merritt

Anna and Judah


It was a fantastic weekend!! 
Thanks to all who attended Ethan's big day!


K. Broome said...

Happy Birthday, Ethan!!! I cannot believe he is 5! It has gone so quickly. Love the Woody outfit. :)

Revelation 4:11

"You are worthy, our Lord and God,
to receive glory and honor and power,
for you created all things,
and by your will they were created
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Revelation 4:11

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