Friday, November 28, 2008

Our Trip to Savannah

We ate at the Lady's and Sons restaurant on Tuesday for lunch.. We were not disappointed at all. It was very, very good!

A Painting of the Lady's and Sons Restaurant

We parked our car the day we got there and walked everywhere. It was nice being close to everything and in walking distance to the hotel, restaurants, and shopping.
The Old Pink House. This is where we had a very nice dinner on Monday night. The place had wonderful food!!
The hotel
We decided to play checkers, and of course, Gus won!!
The Lobby
In the elevator...
This was the Marshall House. It was a school back in the mid to late 1900's and was redone into an Inn in 1999. This is where we stayed.

Our Room

Gus took the week of Thanksgiving off this year. Which we were very happy he was going to be able to do. He was in need of a vacation. This would be the first vacation for him this year. So he decided to have my sister watch Ethan for us on Monday and Tuesday. He wanted to take me on a mini vacation, which he called babymoon, before the next baby arrives. So we went to Savannah, and had a wonderful, relaxing time...And the weather was beautiful.


ap5 said...

Morgan and I love Savannah, but we've never stayed over night - sounds like a fun trip!!! Maybe we'll make it back out there one day.

By the way, we'll be praying for y'all as the big day approaches.

Conner Cutoff said...

I know you guys had blast.

I wish a bunch of us could go together.

Tami Muhlbauer said...

How sweet of Gus!!!

I love Lady and Sons - they have the best food! I have had lunch there often but the best times was while I was pregnant - yummy :)

Also, love the big boy haircute - so cute!

The Lettow Family said...

hey guys- great pictures! I like the new layout- Ethan is such a big man!

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Revelation 4:11

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