Monday, January 21, 2008

Christmas Time 2007

I know this is a little late, but here are some pictures of this past Christmas season.

Here is Ethan with Santa.

Here is the family.

Ethan and Poppy with one of the many "cho-cho" trains he got for Christmas.

Ethan - Christmas Morning.

My Daddy and Grandmother. Nice hat, Dad!!!

Grand ma teaching Ethan how to ride his new horse!

Granddaddy sitting on his new ride!

Mimi - more excited than Ethan.

We had a wonderful Christmas. God has blessed us beyond our wildest dreams.



Revelation 4:11

"You are worthy, our Lord and God,
to receive glory and honor and power,
for you created all things,
and by your will they were created
and have their being."
Revelation 4:11

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